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The vision of the FIRST Center is a healthy community (in Huntingdon County) that supports families and their family members to survive, recover, and thrive despite physical, educational, legal, or behavioral/health recovery issues.  We accomplish our mission of supporting families in recovery through community building, education, research, collaboration, and supportive services.

The FIRST Center is a community-based family resource and support center committed to families and persons in recovery.  The Center provides a safe place to learn, share, and support one another, work toward recovery from any form of illness or disability, and be engaged in the transformation of families and communities.

The FIRST Center focuses on strengthening natural and family supports that are the foundation of health and wellness.  By reaching out (personally) and overcoming barriers to connect with each other (through outreach, education, and technology), we believe that families can be healthier, safer, and more socially-engaged and empowered!



Increase access to knowledge of and information about family recovery and support.

Increase family engagement in family and peer-support services.

Increase family advocacy and the building of an allies, advocates, and ambassadors program to reduce stigma associated with disability (in its broadest sense) and to advocate for early, effective, and available recovery services.

Increase collaboration and service coordination across the multiple systems of care (health, social, education, etc.) to promote person-centered and family-sensitive recovery programs and services.


Community Educational Workshops

Goal Workshops

Health & Wellness




Support Services

Research and Development


Support Services

Peer Support Groups

Service Coordination and Collaboration

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